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Who We Are

At the crossroads of tradition and innovation, Rosete Hardscapes stands tall in Richmond’s landscape. As a family-owned enterprise, our roots are deeply entwined with the community we serve. Our understanding of Richmond’s architectural legacy, paired with a relentless pursuit of modern hardscape solutions, makes us more than just contractors — we’re partners in your outdoor journey where outdoor spaces hold more than meets the eye. Our belief? They’re the bedrock of family memories, transcending digital distractions. With a decade’s experience in Richmond, we’re more than landscapers; we’re memory makers.

Our founder, Rafael, draws from personal connections to weave emotions into every design, every stone. Our skilled artisans blend expertise with heart, crafting spaces that breathe life into family togetherness. Choosing us isn’t just about service; it’s embarking on a journey to turn spaces into shared stories, laughter, and lasting connections.

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Crafting Tomorrow's Landscapes Today

At Rosete Hardscapes, we look beyond the horizon. Envisioning a future where every outdoor space in Richmond is not only a testament to beauty but also to sustainable, forward-thinking design. Our vision is to continually elevate Richmond’s outdoor aesthetics, blending natural grace with innovative solutions, ensuring that our landscapes not only enhance homes but also nurture the environment. In every stone, plant, and design, we see a brighter, greener tomorrow for our beloved community.


Transforming Dreams Into Outdoor Realities​

Dedication, innovation, and community are the cornerstones of Rosete Hardscapes. Our mission is to transform the unique outdoor aspirations of every Richmond resident into tangible, lasting spaces. We aim to provide unparalleled hardscape and landscape solutions, deeply rooted in sustainable practices, ensuring every project serves both its owner and the environment. As we journey through each project, our commitment remains: to create spaces that resonate with individuality, function, and unmatched quality, all while fostering a stronger, greener Richmond.

Rafael rosete sr.

Owner & Project Manager 

Rafael Rosete: Guiding with Fatherly Care and Leadership. At the heart of our endeavor is Rafael, a devoted father and the steady helmsman of our ship. His compass is set on family, an unwavering priority. Hardscaping is more than a trade; it's his foundation. Day by day, he orchestrates the rhythm of our operations, ensuring that every crew is primed and armed with the precise tools required to seamlessly steer your project to completion. With an unwavering focus on customer contentment, Rafael's chief aim is to not only captain the ship but to sail it toward the shores of customer satisfaction.

Rafael rosete jr.

Owner & Project Developer/Designer 

Rafael, little brother stands as the visionary and owner of Rosete Hardscapes. Rafael's vision isn't just spaces; they're bridges that draw families closer in an era saturated with screens and devices. Rafael's personal dedication to nurturing the profound connections within his own family propels this mission. Through the artistry of crafting enchanting outdoor havens, a unique escape emerges where families can unwind, engage in heartfelt conversations, and relish moments that cultivate a reinvigorated sense of togetherness—an increasingly cherished value in the contemporary world.

abraham rosete

Owner & Project Developer/Designer 

Meet Abraham, big brother. His approachable nature and attentive listening makes him a breeze to converse with; he possesses a unique knack for grasping the expressed needs of our customers. Integral to our company's triumph, he holds the key to its achievements. Abraham takes the reins of design and sales, diligently ensuring that every facet operates with the precision of a well-tuned clock.

A Few Words

When you step into a space enhanced by Rosete Hardscapes, you’re experiencing more than just meticulous design and craftsmanship.

You’re stepping into a legacy of excellence that has graced Richmond for years. Every grain of sand, every stone, and every plant we select are chosen with two things in mind: longevity and beauty. But beyond the tangible, our spaces are designed to evoke emotion — from the serenity of a well-lit garden path to the pride of a perfectly laid patio.

Our dedication extends beyond the work itself; it’s about fostering relationships, understanding our client’s dreams, and turning them into a reality that surpasses expectation.

About Us

Rosete Hardscapes isn’t just a business; it’s a Richmond institution. With a rich history of serving our community, we’ve seen gardens grow, families enjoy rejuvenated patios, and businesses thrive in redesigned exteriors.

Our team, a blend of seasoned professionals and innovative young talent, is the backbone of our success. Together, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in hardscape and landscape design. Collaboration sits at the heart of our process. From our initial consultation to the final reveal, we walk hand-in-hand with our clients, ensuring every project is a mirror reflection of their aspirations, blended with our expertise.

Join us, and let’s craft landscapes that inspire, excite, and stand the test of time.

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